Essential Camping

Essential Camping

Essential Camping Equipment to Stay Safe

It is necessary to get yourself prepared well ahead before going on a hike. Every person has varying

needs during camping for survival in the wilderness. Yet it is wise to prepare and plan ahead to handle

different kinds of situations. You might face unexpected problems during camping and there are some

general items that can help you in tough times. Before going for camping, some of the essential camping

accessories that you need are:

 Tent

 Flashlight

 Extra food

 Extra clothing

 First aid kit

 Water

 Knife

Camping Tent:

Camping tent is the foremost important camping accessory that you need during the trip. Make sure to

consider the type of weather and location while purchasing the tent. A water proof parachute tent is

quite reliable as it defends you and your supplies from water. Also this type of a tent is quite suitable in

wavering conditions as it is useful on extremely sunny days or during snowfall. It will maintain the

desired temperature and provide shelter from extreme weather.

First Aid Kit

Don’t forget to carry your complete first aid kit to meet any emergency situation or accidents. Make

sure to keep plenty of band aids, sterilizers, antiseptics and bandages. You can either get the prepared

first aid kit from the store or you can easily buy some supplies that are necessary for your camping first

aid kit. It will be wise to make good investment in purchasing a useful first aid kit that carries all items

you might need on an adventurous camping trip.


Take some extra apparel with you when going for camping. These apparels will help you in emergencies

and unplanned bivouac in the worst conditions. In addition to extra apparel you must also carry an extra

camping tent and a space bag. This bag will help you to keep your body warm and dry if you are

camping in winter. The bag is easier to carry as it weighs no more than 2.5 ounces.


No matter whether you are on day trip or night, you have to carry a flashlight or headlamp. You have to

look for the lightweight flashlight and carry extra batteries because you never know when you have to

spend an extra night due to some critical conditions.

Unless you are not camping by the side of a lake or river, it is necessary to keep extra supply of water.

Even if it is extremely cold, it is good to have extra containers of water as it is not only useful for drinking

purpose but also for cleaning and washing.

Camping Sleeping Gear

Having a sleeping bag with you will be helpful in having a good night’s sleep. Normally during camping,

there are some rough places covered with rocks, snow, water and dirt which won’t allow you to sleep

comfortably at night. Camping sleeping gear will be useful in these situations as obviously you need

plenty of rest to enjoy the next camping day.

For a thoroughly enjoyable camping adventure, prepare well and keep all the necessary items that

could be used in both foreseen and unforeseen conditions.