car travel air mattresses bed inflation back seat sleep rest cushion for suv

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Material: PVC
Outdoor Activity: Self-driving Travel
Dampproof Mat Type: Mattress
By Inflating Mode: External Inflator Pump

Suitable to SUV, MPV, beach, camping, hiking, outdoor, aquatic, etc. Ultra-thin and streamline design, three-piece folding, special design on the position of tires.
The maximum size of expansion is: 71*51 inch
The recommended temperature inside the car is from -13 to 140 degree F when in use.
It is a good choice of outdoor recliner or beach chair. Durable car equipment for comfortable travel sleeping for kid and adult, also can create more room for romantic intimate motion in vechicles.
Reversible plus material with double-sided flocking, environment-friendly, cold-resistant.
Our car cushion is made of compound, breathable and eco-friendly PVC material, which is non-toxic, smell-less, safe and keep warm at 25 degree centigrade below zero.
Compared with traditional product which is only 25um, our 44um thickness plus material with flocking largely improves your hand feeling just like touching smooth leather.
Certainly, the unique thickness makes the cushion with unbelievable crush resistance and quakeproof characteristic.
Such brilliant characteristics will give you a comfortable and new experience in car travel.
The body of cushion is three-piece folding (35-24-12inch) with ten independent compartments connecting with others by 2 holes, plus 2 special design on the position of tires.
It can be applied to nearly 90% of the SUV. The mattress can be inflated fully and deflated convenient within two minutes.
Folded Volume: 11 x 9.4 x 6 in/27.94 x 23.87 x 15.24 cm
Unfolded Volume: length 71-59in; width 51-46.5in; thickness: 2-4.7in
Height of pillow: 11.8in
The maximum size of expansion: 71*51 inch
Recommended temperature inside the car:-13 to 140 degree F
Package Included:
1 x car air cushion
1 x 12V car electric air pump
1 x maintenance package with 2 patches and a bottle of dedicated glue
Special Statement:
1. This product is not a life-saving equipment, it can not be used in the water.
2. The recommended temperature inside the car is : -13 to 140 degree F
3. Please do not use it to touch any sharp objects or cigarette.
4. Please tightening the nozzle during inflation process.
5. The air in the cushion can last about 10 hours. Please inflated it again after 10 hours for a comfortable use.

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